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    Trendfyi is a social platform for creatives which allows you to keep upto date with the latest in design trends like fonts, animations, filters etc. And the fun part, you could use all of these from right inside your favourite design tool!

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    Curated Trends!

    Trendfyi curates the latest and popular trends in design elements like fonts, backgrounds, gradients, animations etc and allows creatives to use these trends from inside Adobe Creative Suite of products, using our 'Trendfyi'er plugin.

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Welcome to the world of Creative Collaboration!


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See what your fellow creatives are creating and how they are creating! Trendfyi allows you to view as well as share all aspects of what you are designing, instantly.

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View latest trends in design world, like fonts, animations, filters, all curated by Trendfyi, based on popularity, rating, author or even using keywords or tags!

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Access all of the design trends using our 'Trendfyi'er plugin which sits right inside Adobe Creative Suite of products! You could also contribute to the existing trends

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Are you new to designing? Be it creating a complex Photoshop filter or a good animation; Trendfyi helps you create these design elements step by step!

Trendfyi is smart!

It understands your world of creativity!

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'Trendfyi'er Plugin

Our 'Trendfyi'er plugin sits right inside Adobe Creative Suite of products and allows you to apply latest trends just by dragging these trends onto canvas. All these trends are filtered by popularity, rating, author etc. Be it applying filters to a poster in Photoshop or animating text in After effects, acccess these trends of your interest from the panel, drag and drop them on to your design surface! And BOOM these design trends get applied to your design composition!

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Friendly Buddy

Are you looking for tutorials to create good posters in Photoshop? So you are looking at a logo. But have you ever wondered how that logo was designed? Worry no more! Trendfyi helps you with step by step instruction in creating complex designs.

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Got Questions? Good, because we've got answers.

Who creates Trendfyi content?

Designers like you contribute to Trendfyi, using our 'Trendfyi'er plugin from right inside your design tool, which then is segregated to individual design elements like fonts, animations, layouts, backgrounds, patterns etc. It is also aggregated from tutorials available on the web & converted into actions for you to apply directly on your design assets. Also people who would like to create tutorials could do that using our Trendfyi Buddy web platform (Coming Soon!).

Is it a learning platform ?

Absolutely! Our Trendfyi Buddy assists you in creating designs that you wish to learn. Simply choose a design element like filters in Trendfyi panel and our Trendfyi Buddy is smart enough to teach you how to create that asset. All of this integrated right into the Trendfyier plugin.

How much does it cost?

Trendfyi is in beta and is going to be free!. However we are working on more advanced features for which there is going to be an annual/monthly subscription. Don't worry. We are working on a very affordable model. Trendfyi ships with over 1000 free templates to begin with. Please write to us at info@trendfyi.com for more details. We would be happy to share with you more details.

How do I create tutorials?

Using our Trendfyi Buddy, you could easily create tutorials. We give you all the tools to create walkthroughs. And the fun part is that these walkthroughs are tightly integrated with the host application. Eg: Let's say you want users to point to a menu location inside the tutorial. While creating the tutorial you could insert a button and associate the menu with that button. When the user loads this tutorial and clicks that button, the associated menu pops up in the host application like Photoshop. Cool ain't it!

What do I get if I contribute?

Thank you for considering to contribute. We appreciate that! As a contributor you are entitled to many benefits. It would include credits, rating, recoginition, subsciption extension, portfolio showcasing etc. We are working on this and would be happy to share with you shortly!

What products does Trendfyi support?

Trendfyi currently supports Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Premier Pro.

Creatives love us

"Wow !! This is like making dribbble more actionable!"
"It would serve as a common platform for the latest trends, instead of having to go through 10 diff websites!"
"This is definitely going to be more easier that going through photoshop styles or searching the web for tutorials."
"This tool is interesting because you no longer need to learn Photoshop inorder to design. This will save time & help me explore more!"


We would love to hear from you! Please send us your comments and suggestions!